Monday, November 09, 2009

Storm Front (by Jim Butcher)*

Elizabeth sent me this one because it's narrated by James "Spike" Marsters. It's Sam Spade meets Harry Potter in the form of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, a wizard who gets involved in trying to solve supernatural crime.

The best thing about this book is Marsters, who does a great job with the wry, ironic tone of the character. It's hard to believe it's him (the one British accent he does is more of a Gilesy accent) but funny to hear him talk about a (very minor) character named Spike, or say "hell's bells" a lot. I definitely want to read the next one in the series... as long as it's narrated by Marsters, of course!


Blogger K said...

Is this the first Dresden book? They sound really good, but I've been confused about where to start because it seems as though you need to go from the beginning.

Marsters isn't really English, is he? I have never seen Buffy - yeah, I know - but if he is the guy I'm thinking of (Adam from *Heroes*) I thought his English accent was rather unconvincing. But then, you know, I'm married to an Englishman.

5:21 PM  
Blogger mo pie said...

Yes, it's the first one, and no, Marsters isn't really English! He just plays an English guy on TV :)

8:37 PM  

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