Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Lost Symbol (by Dan Brown)

I will seriously never read one of Dan Brown's books except in audiobook, because somehow when it's in audio and I'm not 100% paying attention, I really enjoy the hell out of his books.

Now that I've finished it (and gotten through the ridiculous ending, oh my god), I'm enjoying reading the Amazon reviews complaining about the plot holes. (I noticed a lot of the plot holes myself; there are a lot of really stupid things happening in this book.) However, it kept me entertained, and there was one twist at the end that made me gasp. (Then again, The Sixth Sense fooled me too--I'm a sucker for twist endings.)

Really, even though I had to scribble everything down while driving, I kept a list of things that make no sense, mostly involving the characters--who are supposedly brilliant--being alternately stupid, dense, or extra stupid and dense. But it was a great driving book.

My next audiobook is On Beauty, which I'm reading for book club. It's definitely not a brain candy book like the last two, so here's hoping I can still manage to listen while driving!


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