Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Teen Idol (by Meg Cabot)*

Another audiobook checked out from the library, a fluffy read for my drive that touches on some of the same themes as my own YA novel in progress, and very fun. (Meg Cabot also wrote The Princess Diaries series, which I love and adore.)

The narrator is a lispy teenager who sounds like she has braces; I looked on the cover and it said she also played Zoey Bartlett on The West Wing, but I had no idea that Zoey was played by.... Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men! All cute and teenagery!

Anyway, I don't have anything profound to say about the book, except that it was very fun and very Cabot-esque and I enjoyed the characters and it kept me entertained during my commute this week. Next up, either Jonathan Lethem's new book (which I downloaded from the library onto my new iPod, so I have to see if it will play in my car, which has a funky build-in iPod dock...) or A.J. Jacobs's new book, which is my backup!


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