Monday, October 03, 2005

Some YA Reading

I checked out some YA stuff from the library including Wasteland by Francesca Liz Block (overly angsty and pretentiously poetic incest book); Number the Stars by Lois Lowry (more of a children's book than a YA book, but some interesting stuff about Denmark in the Holocaust); and The Things I Did For Love by Ellen Conford (not one of her best, weird ending, but still okay). It brings me to 55 books read this year, which seems like kind of a low number. Fortunately I am reading a lot lately, as you can see. I need to get back to my reading list, but Main Street has left me fearful...


Blogger K said...

Ooh, I remember "Number the Stars". Fishskin shoes, handkerchiefs which numb the sniffer-dogs' noses, escaping to Norway by night. I thought it was pretty good at the time.

We'd just been to Denmark on holiday, which made it more interesting. And the little sister's name was Kirsten, I recall... or maybe it was Kirsti. You don't get many Kirstens in children's books. This was a source of frustration to me when I was 10 or thereabouts.

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