Friday, July 12, 2019

I Hate Everyone But You (by Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin)

This is my last post before I go on vacation. I have 22 books checked out on my Kindle and one on paper, so I'm ready! I doubt I'll get through all 23 in a week, but I hope I'll put a dent in the list. (Last time I went on a cruise, my phone died on the very first day and I had to check out a series of weird and sub-par books from the ship library. A truly tragic fate.)

Anyway, I Hate Everyone But You is a joint-written, epistolary YA about two friends who are freshmen at two different colleges, writing emails and texts back and forth. I find epistolary novels very charming in general, for some reason it really works for me.I loved it and was excited to hear there's a sequel coming out in just a few days!

My one complaint about this book is like, okay, you know the movie Beaches? After Hillary gets married she comes to visit CC, and sure CC is pretty self-absorbed and annoying and married to the man HIllary loves, but still Hillary is the worst and is super horrible to her. And then when they reconcile, CC says "it was my fault" and then Hillary, instead of saying "no, I was a horrible cow, I'm the literal worst, please allow me to grovel," says "it was our fault." And then I hate Hillary a tiny bit for the rest of the movie even when she gets sick and dies. It was your fault, Hillary.

So this novel had the "friends have a big fight" of course and the character who I felt was more in the wrong, the Hillary if you will, did not grovel enough, and I did not feel enough of a catharsis, because the other character was too forgiving. And no, the characters' personalities are nothing like the Beaches characters but still. I think you understand where I'm coming from.

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