Friday, June 14, 2019

If, Then (by Karen Hope Day)

A fun, fast read about a town in the shadow of a dormant (or "dormant" volcano), four of the neighbors who live there, and what happens when they begin to peek into an alternate timeline and see another way their lives could have gone.

I enjoyed what the author is doing here, and I liked that the "primary" timeline of one character was different than the timeline of the others. Watching Sliding Doors I always thought of them as Good Helen and Bad Helen, and had a timeline I was rooting for. Same thing here.

My quibbles are mostly my inability to turn off my raging feminism: I was annoyed by Mark and didn't care about his white man paranoia and insecurity. Also I hated that one woman's "happy ending" involved dialing back her career to be a better mother. I loved the premise and characters though, and it was a fun page-turner overall.

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