Saturday, June 08, 2019

Daisy Jones & The Six (by Taylor Jenkins Reid)

A novel in the form of an oral history about a Fleetwood Mac-style band in the 70s, and in the summer edition of the Tournament of Books. (I started Bowlaway but it was too twee for me.)

I loved the format and overall enjoyed this, although I had an issue with the ending. Spoilers below:

The book seemed to suggest that Camila is just great, and I think it was a bridge too far to have her be so saintly to Daisy even as she was saying "I never want to see you again" (but only in a nice, kind, concerned way). And Daisy somehow thinks Camila is just great. Then comes the authorial intrusion, which makes no sense if this were a "real" oral history. That broke my suspension of disbelief.

Strangely, the core emotional beats reminded me of Fleabag which pulled off a similar ending perfectly. The problem here is that Camila is not God, but the book thinks she is. However, Camila was kind of a B, sorry about it!

I'm curious to see if anyone else has this take on it. Looks like I'll have to wait until June 26 for that discussion!

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