Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dear American Airlines (by Jonathan Miles)

I do so enjoy a good novella--Shopgirl and Last Night at the Lobster come to mind. I think it's the slimness of the volume that makes me conscious not to read it too fast, which in turn makes me slow down and savor the words. I'm currently also reading The Savage Detectives (650 pages) and War and Peace (1300 pages) so I appreciate your brevity, Jonathan Miles!

So in case you haven't heard of this one, it's essentially this guy's life story in the form of a complaint letter to American Airlines. His flight has been delayed (for many hours) and he spends the time writing about how much he had riding on this one flight--to get to the wedding of his estranged daughter. (This information comes early on; not a spoiler.)

Very charming, touching, funny, delightful little book, has more depth than you might expect. Thumbs up!


Blogger Intrepid Blogger said...

Thanks for the review. I linked to you in my review of the book too. In case you want to check it out. =)

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