Friday, May 03, 2019

The Fifth Season (by N.K. Jemisin)

This book and series have gotten so much buzz in the scifi-fantasy community -- the three books of this trilogy won the Best Novel Hugo Award in three consecutive years, among other accolades. So it's been on my list!

I love the worldbuilding Jemisin does here to give us a post-post-apocalyptic earth where some humans have evolved to control planetary movement, and are essentially enslaved by other groups as a result.  The story follows three characters whose stories intersect; two characters are written about in third person and one in second person, and as you slowly realize why, you appreciate her terrific narrative trick.

Hard things happen (including the deaths of children) and if I'd tried to read this a few years ago, as I did Game of Thrones, I probably couldn't have stomached it. But I bore with it and ended up really enjoying being immersed in this world. The second book is on my library hold list now!

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