Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I’ll Be Gone In the Dark (by Michelle McNamara)

I made the mistake of reading this late at night, on vacation, while staying in a room with a glass sliding door.  Well, that was a miscalculation.

Michelle McNamara was the late wife of comedian Patton Oswalt. She also founded the True Crime Diary website, and was an amateur sleuth trying to find the identity of a never-caught California serial rapist and murderer, the Golden State Killer (aka EAR-ONS).   This book was in progress when she died, and does have sections pieced together from her notes.

What there is of her writing is wonderful. She writes with compassion and clarity, and draws you into the puzzle of who EAR-ONS is, or was, whether he's still alive somewhere, and of possible theories and evidence about who he may have been or how to find him.  It's a terrific true crime book about a killer I hadn't even known existed -- despite being from California.

It's a real loss that McNamara wasn't able to finish the book and write many more.

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Blogger BC said...

Everyone here is reading this book -- the East Area Rapist was active when I was a kid; we all learned the word "rape" from our parents talking about it every night over dinner. I guess I should pick it up!

6:28 AM  
Blogger mo pie said...

I can see why McNamara was obsessed with the case -- it seems so solveable and the idea that this guy has so far gotten away with these crimes and might still be out there somewhere.... ugh. I now check in on the subreddit on pretty much a daily basis, hoping for a break in the case!

8:52 AM  

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