Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Beekeeper's Apprentice (by Laurie R. King)*

Delightful on audiobook, the first of a series about a young feminist who is taken under the wing of Sherlock Holmes. And either there is some sexual tension there, or I have daddy issues. (I can hear Jenfu now, saying, "Or both!")

I think this has been recommended a few times to me since I do occasionally like mysteries, but all the ones I like have women as protagonists, and I'm also a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. Then Beth said the audiobook was good, and I was sold. Indeed, the audio version is great; I love the narrator, Jenny Stirlin.

It's a little meandering at points (the momentum slows way down during an interlude in Jerusalem, for example) but I love the characters, love the relationship between Holmes and Mary Russell, and overall loved the feel of the book. So glad there's more than one in the series; I've already downloaded the next one!


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