Monday, July 13, 2009

Many Books About Princesses (by Meg Cabot)

While on vacation and immediately after I got home, I read the final four books in the Princess Diaries series: Party Princess, Princess on the Brink, Princess Mia, and Forever Princess. I love this series so much. Can you tell I love this series so much? I would never tell anyone to inflict Shopaholic on themselves, but I think everyone should read the Princess Diaries; so much fun.

I can no longer quite remember what happens in which book, as there are many cliffhangers. Nor do I want to spoil the ending of the series. But Mia's maturing and dealing with sex is handled well, and characters develop plausibly. There are a couple of really ridiculous plot developments, of course. (I will spoiler code: the parchment being in the portrait, because why would the portrait get sent to Mia anyway, for one thing; and of course the publishing contract she magically gets offered at the end of the series, which seems like a stretch.) And I still hate Lilly, right up until the end. But oh, the ending was satisfying, and so much made me laugh, and I can't imagine a more satisfying ending to the series than the last book.


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