Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Holly's Inbox (by "Holly Denham")

Ostensibly, this is a peek into the inbox of a receptionist named Holly (with occasional peeks into the inboxes of her friends, when we the reader need information that Holly does not have). I read a review of this book in Entertainment Weekly where they interviewed the actual author, who is a man. This is only the 20th book I've read this year (SIGH) but the first 19 were all by women. This one is by a fake woman, so maybe it partially counts? (The next book I need to read is a book club book by a man, so my streak is broken anyway.)

Oh, right, the book! Very cute and Bridget Jones-esque (although not quite as good). There are times when the exposition is a little clunky, and the e-mail format works against it--for instance, there are these weird back-and-forth conversations that should have been presented as IMs or something. Who sends one paragraph of a story in e-mail and then waits for an e-mail back that says "Wow! Oh my god! What next?" and then continues in the next e-mail? Nobody.

But that's really a nitpick, because I enjoyed the story and the characters quite a lot, and I will definitely be running not walking to pick up the sequel, whenever it turns up.


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