Monday, June 15, 2009

Princess in Pink and Princess in Training (by Meg Cabot)

I finished these on some recent plane trips, as continued "homework" for my young adult novel. (At least that's my excuse.) "Princess in Pink" is about the prom, and very cute and fluffy; and I enjoyed the Lilly/Boris shakeup. "Princess in Training" is about the class elections, mostly. And wow, Lilly really sucks. On the heels of the last book, I'm wondering why on earth anyone would stay friends with her. I loved the conflicts in this one, though.

It's instructive (from my POV) that the conflicts in these books aren't really romantic. Mia and her love interest stay together (so far) but there is plausible conflict--in "Princess in Training," Mia vs. the English teacher, the class election plot, all of that stuff. And I love the way sex is handled in this book; might be my favorite Princess Diaries book so far, simply for that reason. These are just great YA, in my opinion.


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