Sunday, March 30, 2008

Candy Girl; Sit, Ubu, Sit; The Full Cupboard of Life

With the authors this time, the three books I finished today are: Candy Girl (by Diablo Cody); Sit, Ubu, Sit (by Gary David Goldberg); and The Full Cupboard of Life (by Alexander McCall Smith).

I thought Cody's book, like her screenplay for Juno, was "deffo" trying a little bit too hard to sound original and hip and smart. It's also more than a little disingenuous. For instance, she starts talking about stripper names and glosses over the fact that at that point, her name wasn't even Diablo. And don't tell me one of her motivations for stripping wasn't "to get material to write a book." I'd love for there to be an honest memoir about stripping; this wasn't it. On the other hand, it's "deffo" entertaining and fun, and she's not a bad writer by any means.

Goldberg's memoir I really enjoyed; I'm a huge Family Ties fan, and if anything, I would have loved the book to be twice as long and hear more stories about the show. (I don't even think Tina Yothers was mentioned by name.) More gossip, Gary! It's essentially a love letter to his wife and to Michael J. Fox, and succeeds on both counts. Oh, and a love letter to his dog, Ubu, too. I CANNOT BELIEVE what happened to that dog. (Don't worry, it's not tragic for the dog.)

The third one is another Ladies' Detective agency book, and I enjoyed it more than the previous two! (There's not a whole lot to say about this series, but I'm enjoying it.) And now I need to go back to grading papers. (I was "grading papers" at the bookstore today, which is why I read those three books in the first place...)


Blogger Wendy said...

If you want an honest memoir about stripping, read Strip City by Lily Burana. Really good book!

5:22 AM  

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