Thursday, February 28, 2008

Schuyler's Monster (by Rob Rummel-Hudson)

Reading this book was a crazy experience, since I first started reading Rob's blog just before Schuyler was born. I remember all the events in the book...and lots of events that didn't make it into the book! I'm so, like, totally inner circle.

I wasn't sure how this book would read, but I found it to be a level beyond what Rob has done in his blog. More sophisticated and more restrained, on the whole. I think Rob and his editor really made the right choices most of the time.

I really am curious to know how the book reads to people who haven't read Rob's blog for all these years...if the People review is anything to go by, probably pretty positively! Not that I'm surprised--his story is incredibly compelling.

Good job, Rob! Remember I knew you when!



Blogger The Writers Blog said...

I just requested the book at my library, I work for the Las Vegas Library. I'm in the master's program in education so I'm also going to refer the book to my instructor and my classmates in my language acquisition class!


11:11 AM  

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