Friday, January 04, 2008

Schulz and Peanuts (by David Michaelis)

This was a Christmas book (I bought it for myself with a Borders card) and the first book of the new year. Totally fascinating biography of Charles Schulz. I thought it was comprehensive and satisfying, although I would have enjoyed 600 more pages, talking more in-depth about the comic itself, its characters and real-life counterparts, and comparing the characters' personalities over the years(which it does at the end, for instance, when talking about the development of Lucy Van Pelt).

As a huge Charles Schulz fan, I found it compelling, enlightening, and convincing. Plus, it reminded me how uncomfortable I was to see the Peanuts characters shilling for different products. Like many people, I love them and want them unsullied. Linus is still my boy name!

Sorry if this makes no sense; I've had some wine. Maybe I'll rewrite this. But anyway, thumbs up; couldn't put it down!


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