Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Born Standing Up (by Steve Martin)

I love Steve Martin. I decided a few years ago that if I could grant immortality to five famous people, he would be one of them. (Basically I realized I would be extremely depressed if any of the following people died: Steve Martin, Dick Van Dyke, Bea Arthur, David Bowie, and [sniff] John Ritter.) Anyway, I adore Steve Martin. I am a huge fan of his films (especially L.A. Story, Bowfinger, and Three Amigos) and his writing (especially his novellas); less so of his standup, which this book chronicles. And yet it's still written in perfect Steve Martin style; wry, dry, impeccable.

I should get this on audiobook, assuming he reads it. It would be fun to listen to him describe his standup act and re-enact some of his comic bits, as opposed to just reading it on the page. But even reading it on the page is delightful. I love the comedy anecdotes (he mentions the song that inspired L.A. Story) and his Disneyland memories. It's just a delightful read, that's all. Thanks to Ian who gave me this book for Christmas!


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