Sunday, April 08, 2007

Christie Frenzy

This was actually over a period of a couple of days a few weeks ago, I just kept losing the list where I wrote down all the books I read. I still don't have the list. But I think it was Mysterious Affair at Styles, The A.B.C. Murders, Murder on the Mews, The Hollow and Curtain. They are seriously blending together for me, although I enjoyed them all to varying degrees.

I realized I needed to take a break when I was halfway through The Hollow and I decided to try and guess whodunit. I listed my top five suspects and their motives, and then listed the bottom five suspects and reasons why there was no way they could have done it. My number one suspect did it, for exactly the reasons I guessed. In other words, I got so used to the Christie formula that I was no longer surprised by the outcome. So I stepped away from the Christie for a little while, at least.


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