Saturday, February 10, 2007

Plum Lovin' (by Janet Evanovich)

I brought my huge stack of grading to Barnes & Noble and picked up this book, figuring I'd reward myself by reading one chapter for every two papers (or so) that I graded. Instead I sat there and read Plum Lovin' all the way through, and then graded my papers. So much for that plan!

This is another one of those silly, frothy, holiday-themed Stephanie Plum books. In this one, she has to take over the caseload of a relationship expert and try to help her five clients "have a happy Valentine's Day." It's worth reading if only for the scene where she, Lula, and Grandma Mazur end up watching a porn movie together.

If Stephanie Plum is your thing, you'll like it. If not... well, I have no idea.


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