Sunday, October 08, 2006

Even Better Than The Rand Apologists

A commenter in my post on Look Homeward, Angel has taken the award for funniest comment away from some of those Ayn Rand people who hate me for trashing Atlas Shrugged. I thought it would never happen, but you have to love a guy who accused me of being "on the rag" and called me a "fucking twat" who hates good literature because I hated Wolfe's book. And then insults RENT for some random reason. Awesome. Obviously, a well thought out counterargument like this has totally changed my mind about the book. I love it now!


Blogger K said...

Very odd, these people who have never heard of the concept of individual taste...

He's not quite as funny as the Rand apologists, in my opinion (I wonder if he's heard of those? Opinions?). Perhaps it's because he sticks to mud-slinging rather than trying to explain The Error Of Your Ways.

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