Tuesday, September 05, 2017

IQ (by Joe Ide)

The second selection for the book group we started at work. The genre we chose for this round was mystery and this was the book I put in the hat. There's a lot of pressure when your blind recommendation gets chosen! Happily, I thought this was terrific; I hope my fellow clubbies agree.

Joe Ide grew up in South Central Los Angeles and loved Sherlock Holmes. So he's created a character, Isaiah Quintabe, or IQ, who is the South Central version of Sherlock.  The central case here involves a rapper who is afraid someone is trying to kill him, but there are side cases here and there as well, a backstory that unfolds throughout the book, and a nice sense of closure at the end while still setting up for a sequel.

I loved Isaiah (and by the end Dodgson -- his Watson -- as well). Such a likeable hero, a well-drawn setting, a fun mystery, a sprinkling of humor, and an emotional journey for the main character. If you like contemporary mysteries, I highly recommend this one and will be first in (virtual) line for the next one.

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