Saturday, February 07, 2015

The Biggest Twitch (by Alan Davies and Ruth Miller)

Another birding book! I was inspired to pick this one up when I heard about Noah Stryker's current attempt to break Ruth and Alan's record record. Noah is trying to get 5000 species of birds worldwide in this year (he's already over 700) and Alan and Ruth got 4000 plus to beat the previous record, and wrote a memoir about the experience.

Ruth and Alan take turns writing alternating chapters of their visits all over the world, with a wry British sense of humor and wonderful descriptions of many of their sightings. There are even pages of color photos of some of the most notable birds and moments. Unlike Kingbird Highway, this is probably only a must-read if you're a birder, but it's an extremely fun, well-written, and exciting birding memoir.

And now I need to go to Australia and see all the birds. All. The. Birds.

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