Monday, May 05, 2014

Waiter Rant (by Steve Dublanica)

Another hardcover that had been on my shelf for a while. This was part of the blog-to-book trend and this one's better than most. I think it improves as it goes along, with several of the later vignettes being the most interesting to me. I also like the transparent meta-ness of making the sale  of the book part of the story. It's not a huge part, but isn't completely elided, which I think is about right.

That being said, this isn't a book I feel compelled to keep on my shelf. There are some moments of poor editing--some typos here and there, some moments that don't ring true, some dialogue that feels very forced--plus, despite the author paying lip service to his non-misogyny, some misogyny. I would really just call it unexamined privilege, but do we really need gratuitous references to Rachael Ray in a bikini and Nigella Lawson's breasts and how sexually attractive the author finds various women in the story? Not really. And the fact that he admits to blowing all his money on strippers strikes a bit of a dudebro note, though points for honesty. 

That being said, I didn't dislike the author, or his voice, or his book.  He seemed like a guy whose heart was basically in the right place, had some good war stories, and this was a fine, fast read. I bet Springs1 would hate it, though.



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