Sunday, March 02, 2014

Here I Go Again (by Jen Lancaster)

Another fast and fun book read in an airport. (This was #2 out of three of my airplane reads this weekend.) The premise of this is that a high school mean girl realizes that she has terrible karma thanks to high school, then time travels back in time and has a chance to do it all over again, with unforeseen results and lots of character development. (She reminded me strongly of Darcy in the Something Borrowed/Something Blue books by Emily Giffin.)

I thought this was really well crafted, though I had some minor nitpicks with the ending. But it was a satisfying fluffy read. Was this my first Jen Lancaster book? I think it may have been, though I've been hearing good things about her for years. I'll be very curious what y'all romcom* fans think of this book, or Lancaster in general.

*I made myself a "romcom" tag because I can't quite handle the term "chicklit." But you can call it that if you want and I'll still love you.



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