Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Unlocked (by John Scalzi)

This is an oral history prequel to John's upcoming novel Lock In. And hey, there's a character named Monique in it, which I'm sure is after me! (John, please just let me believe this lie.)

It definitely whetted my appetite for Lock In, and it made me wish the whole novel were told in the oral history style, because I think it works quite well. Some of the similarities in voice bothered me a bit (would a career criminal really sound so similar to a neurobiologist?) but as usual with Scalzi's works, it's an inventive and engaging read. I also loved the various teasers: who genetically engineered this virus? Who continues to propagate it? that will certainly be the driving questions of the novel. Stay tuned, because I will definitely be reading Lock In to find out the answers.

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