Monday, October 08, 2012

The Boyfriend List (by E. Lockhart)

I didn't finish any books in September. I'm still making my way through The Recognitions (at 25%) and schoolwork has taken up a lot of my time. Once my evaluation is over at the end of the month, I should be able to get back into Ragtime.

In the meantime, I heard about a YA series called the Ruby Oliver Quartet, and I decided to give it a shot. This was the first of the four books and was very charming (so much so that I just ordered used copies of the other three books). Ruby is in therapy because her social world has imploded and she's started having panic attacks, and her therapist tells her to make a list of all the boys who have ever meant something to her.

I don't find this series to be predictable at all (not to spoil anything but the boyfriend list has a lot of names on it, a lot of whom make plausible love interests for Ruby) and it has some really nice little touches, like the Seattle setting (and Ruby's home on a houseboat), a diverse cast, feminism sprinkled in here and there, and appealing characters, most notably Ruby herself.

What with everything else I have going on, some totally fluffy YA was a great choice. Very fun and enjoyable.