Friday, April 29, 2011

Chocolate and Vicodin (by Jennette Fulda)

I'm just randomly guessing on the date that I finished this book. I just forgot to blog about it! I remembered to Facebook about it though, which totally counts. A book by my friend Jennette about her headache that wouldn't go away. I really liked it, as I always do Jennette's writing. There's this kind of clean, straightforward, sensible tone to it that I always enjoy. I think I like the way she organizes information in her head. Anyway, it's always hard to "review" books by friends. Especially when you've had a baby since you finished reading it, and have forgotten most of the details. All I can say is, I'm proud of Jennette, and I super-liked the book!


Friday, April 08, 2011

Waiting (by Ha Jin)

Another book for class! It was a'ight. I mean, a good book, but really suffered with comparison to Oscar Wao, which we'd just finished discussing. I liked it, I just wasn't crazy about it. And really right now, don't have anything exciting to say about it! (I really liked the ending though.)