Friday, September 30, 2011

I Don't Know How She Does It (by Allison Pearson)

Bought to pass the time while we waited six hours for our plane. There's nothing like chicklit when you're exhausted and on a plane!

The trailer for this movie is hideous, but everything I read about it said the book was better. I did really enjoy the book! As a new mom about to go back to work, the musings on balancing motherhood and career and having an identity all hit very close to home. There are some smart observations here!

Two disappoitments. One is that there are a couple of gratuitous fat references (the main character, Kate, meets a receptionist who is described as very fat, and Kate spends some time wondering why the receptionist is so unhappy that she has to eat so much--the character is never seen or mentioned again). The second thing is (major spoiler alert) the ending involves her giving up her job, which she talks about throughout the whole book as loving and being very good at. I felt like there should have been a compromise, and the message shouldn't have boiled down to: working moms, quit your jobs! Your babies need you! Does the movie end the same way?

Anyway: perfect fluffy reading for a plane, and definitely smarter than the average chick lit.


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