Monday, March 28, 2011

One of Our Thursdays Is Missing (by Jasper Fforde)

The latest Jasper Fforde book! It was the first thing I bought for my new Kindle (a birthday gift from Ian). I do love the Thursday Next series, and this one is really fun, and takes place almost entirely in the BookWorld (as opposed to the RealWorld). As funny and enjoyable as ever. Plus, there's a seventh one planned! Yay, Jasper Fforde!

I still have Shades of Grey on my "to read" pile, though. Gotta get to that one of these days.


Anonymous Harmony said...

I really enjoyed Shades of Grey. It was one of the first books I made it through after Jasper (my son) was born, and I did a double take at Jasper Fforde's name when I first looked at the cover, because I'd never really thought about his name before. ANYWAY, it was a great read and I am hoping there will be more set in that world.

If you're getting tired of the puns and such, though, you won't get any relief from it in Shades.

3:58 PM  
Blogger mo pie said...

Definitely not tired of the puns! And yes, I think his next book is going to be a sequel to Shades of Grey... check out his website! Have you read any of the Thursday series?

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Harmony said...

I have! I read the first 4, I think, and then just hadn't gotten my hands on the rest. I enjoyed them as well. Anything as nerdy as a book set inside a book with literary characters was bound to appeal to me! (And I love puns!)

I assumed there would be a sequel to Shades of Grey, but it's good to know that it's coming!!

4:09 PM  
Blogger mo pie said...

My favorite Thursday book was actually the last one, First Among Sequels, so you should totally read that!

4:16 PM  

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