Wednesday, January 05, 2011

An Object of Beauty (by Steve Martin)

I do love me some Steve Martin. I was so sad that this wasn't on audiobook with Steve Martin as the narrator, since I loved listening to his two previous novellas. But then I found out there are reproductions of artworks throughout the book, and I realized I wouldn't have wanted to miss those. (I would just have read it twice, though.)

So, this is a book about the New York art scene and about art, told as the story of an anti-heroine named Lacey Yeager. I really enjoyed everything about this book--the quietness of the plot (which is I think a Steve Martin signature) and the discussions of art from various places and eras.

I honestly don't know how successful Lacey is as a character (there is some male fantasy in there about female sexuality, where I think it's pretty clear a guy wrote it) but she was convincing enough for me to really, really enjoy this book. Write another one, Steve Martin! And read it on audiobook! Pretty please?


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