Monday, December 22, 2008

The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell)

Read this on the flight to Utah; so fascinating. A ton of fascinating examples of the concept of the "tipping point" which I enjoyed as both a person who works in marketing and as a human person.

I especially enjoyed learning about the average size of "sympathy circles" (the number of people whose deaths would really devastate you), the whole thing about members of family units becoming instinctively responsible for various areas of knowledge (which explains why women, even in modern families, most often end up being responsible for children), and various other things that will ecome in really handy if I ever have a baby. Oh, and the concept of personalities being way more based in context than in intrinsic, black and white qualities.

I'm sure everyone already read this like six years ago, but it is honestly a fascinating and fast read that changed my perspective on the world just a tiny bit. Very glad I picked it up.


Anonymous Ari said...

I love Malcom Gladwell. You should read Blink and Outliers, then watch his 20 minute lecture about pasta sauce on

3:27 PM  

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