Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wishful Drinking (by Carrie Fisher)

I accidentally ordered this from Amazon (really not sure how that happened) and decided to read it before returning it, since I've enjoyed Carrie Fisher's novels. (I mean they aren't brilliant by any means, but they're decent.) I thought this book was a huge disappointment. It's basically a standup act in book form, with incredibly hokey and awful jokes, no real good celebrity anecdotes, no real emotional throughline or anything. (She is supposedly "finding herself" after electroshock therapy, which is compelling, but really it's just bad standup, written out.) Also many of the same (bad) jokes recur multiple times, and the intro is basically the same as chapter one--which, what's the points?

I've already started my "best and worst of 2008" list, but I think I'm going to have to bump something to make room for this. Completely not worth your time. Skim through it in Barnes and Noble or something.


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