Thursday, June 19, 2008

Twilight (by Stephenie Meyer)

Yeah, you knew it would happen. In this case you can blame Jenfu for coming to Vegas and innocently passing her copy along to me so I could enjoy the cheesy, breezy, Sweet Valley Vampire fun. A really fun and compelling read---I'd heard (I think in Entertainment Weeky) Meyer described as "not a great writer, but a great storyteller." I actually don't even think she's all that bad as a writer; I kind of love the way she describes so much minutia. The sexy vampire plot is the perfect angsty, fantasy, forbidden love story for a teenage girl, and even though I'm not a teenager anymore... I mean, I watched the new NKOTB "Summertime" video. I'm not immune you know. Also, it's kind of hot. I will admit I found the sexy vampires kind of hot. Sorry, everyone. Did I meantion I read Finnegans Wake?


Blogger Melissa said...

I just finished Twilight myself. I thought it was good fun.

10:08 PM  

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