Thursday, June 15, 2006

Baby Proof (by Emily Giffin)

I'm not usually a chick-lit reader, but I had to read this one because I enjoyed Something Borrowed and Something Blue so much. (This isn't a sequel, but one of the characters does make a cameo appearance.) It centers around a woman who doesn't want to have children, except that her husband decides he does. It's more complex than your standard chick-lit, not really formulaic, and another breezy read. I loved so many of the subplots and characters (especially Michael, from start to finish) but I pretty much hated Ben. I can't say more without giving anything away, but my hate for Ben was regarding his actions at the beginning of the novel, and he never won me over again. But anyway, it's refreshing and honest and thought provoking for women who aren't necessarily gung ho on having kids--or women who are. If you like chick-lit that's got a little more meat to it, I'll give it the thumbs up. (Although it's probably not as good as Something Blue which has been my favorite so far.)


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