Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sister Carrie (by Theodore Dreiser)

I'm reading Devil in the White City, and there's a Sister Carrie reference, so I figured I'd read it. It's less about Chicago (the characters end up in New York) and more about the time and place. There's a lot about capitalism, the whole sex-money power exchange, and a woman trying to assert her independence. Some of the themes are misogynistic but I couldn't help liking the end, since I hated, hated, hated Huntsworth. Or Huntwood. Or whatever his name was. I've forgotten already!

In conclusion, eh. It's on the Modern Library list only, so you know it's a slightly sexist book by a dead white guy, and probably not a must-read. Not a must-read.

"When Caroline Meeber boarded the afternoon train for Chicago, her total outfit consisted of a small truck, a cheap imitation alligator-skin satchel, a small lunch in a paper box, and a yellow leather snap purse, containing her ticket, a scrap of paper with her sister's address in Van Buren Street, and four dollars in money." (Page 1)


Blogger Miss Rachel said...

"Huntsworth. Or Huntwood." Hee! I think it's actually Hurstwood. Apparently there are two versions of this book - the one that has been out for years and years was somewhat bowdlerized. According to my professor (I took a Wharton and Dreiser class last spring), a "less censored" version came out more recently. However, we read the older one in class. I thought the part about what happened to Hurstwood was pretty interesting because it showed exactly how someone becomes homeless.

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