Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Countdown City and World of Trouble (by Ben H. Winters)

I'm putting these together because after finishing Countdown City, I didn't have enough to say to fill out a whole post. Now I've finished World of Trouble and with it, completed the Last Policeman trilogy, so I figured I'd post them both together.

Countdown City is the second book in the trilogy.  I liked it less than the first one -- feels a little bit like marking time, and the central mystery (revolving around a missing person) is not that interesting, whereas the mystery in the first one is terrific. I did enjoy the background apocalypse stuff, though, particularly the chilling scene with the boats.

World of Trouble is the third book and in my opinion much stronger than the second. It wraps up the trilogy nicely. No spoilers, but I will says I especially loved the twists towards the end and the extremely moving final scene. It's a bit gruesome at points but, you know. Apocalypse and all.

Did I already mention Last Night in my previous review? It's a Canadian film about the end of the world that I kept being strongly reminded of as I read this.  I recommend this trilogy (even with the slow second installment) but I recommend Last Night even more.

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