Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Royal Wedding (by Meg Cabot)

This one has taken me forever to read. It was my gym book, but I often found I'd rather read Ask Metafilter or something else than get back to this one. Which is not to say it's bad; it's fun. It's a more "adult" themed sequel to the Princess Diaries series, and of course, is about Princess Mia's wedding.

Kind of. The actual wedding ends up taking a backseat to some other plot developments, like Mia's long-lost sister and some stuff about Mia's parents I think? None of which is fully fleshed out. Really, this was not a page-turner for me, although I still enjoyed catching up with everyone, and Mia's voice is still charming.

The ending suggests this is meant to set up the next book in the series. I would totally read it! I just would hope for a stronger plot for the characters to hang onto.

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