Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Eleanor & Park (by Rainbow Rowell)

A young adult novel that switches perspectives from Eleanor, our chubby (yay) heroine with a  horrifying home life, and Park, our half-Korean (yay) hero who meets Eleanor on the bus to school, and who eventually befriends her over comic books and music.

I think this book fits into the John Green category of YA with true depth and complexity, not just the fluffy stuff. (To be clear, I also enjoy the fluffy stuff. I am finishing up my novel which is pretty much all fluffy stuff.)  I loved the relationship between the two characters, even if it did seem to turn a corner slightly abruptly. I loved Eleanor and truly felt for her as layers of her family story were unearthed, each seemingly more horrible than the last.

I will definitely be saving and re-reading this one. It's super super good. And I cried at the end.



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