Sunday, December 02, 2012

Top of the Rock (by Warren Littlefield)

It's told in an oral history style, like the awesome SNL book Live from New York, which I really wish they'd re-release with an update on the years since the book came out. This would have been awesome if it had focused on a more in-depth oral history of each of the shows that was part of Must-See TV.  But instead it focuses more on the behind-the-scenes of Littlefield himself, and why he is awesome, and why his firing was unjust, which, nobody really cares, Warren Littlefield.

Plus, there are all these slams on post-Littlefield NBC which, certainly Jeff Zucker was a disaster and the whole Jay Leno thing, but the idea that NBC has stopped producing quality comedy when they have Parks and Rec and Community, and the first few seasons of The Office, is just silly.  There's also some off-putting slams against Big Bang Theory, referring to it as "nerds trying to bang a slut" or something. I don't even watch the show, but that description is just misogynist and gross. (I don't think it was Littlefield who said it, but he definitely agreed with the supposed "low quality" of ABC sitcoms.)

Really, this should have been a book entirely about Friends or Seinfeld or ER. That book would have been awesome.



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