Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bossypants (by Tina Fey)*

We drove to Portland for the long weekend (yes, we are slightly crazy) and at Powell's Books, the greatest bookstore ever invented, we bought Bossypants on audio for the drive home. (I was looking for The War for Late Night, which I thought would also be a good audiobook choice; we listened to Game Change on a long drive a few years ago and it was awesome.) Tina Fey reads it herself, of course, and does a fantastic job. There's actually a couple of bonuses to having it on audio; they play the first Sarah Palin SNL skit in its entirety, for example, and we laughed all over again.

Tina Fey is interesting, relatable, feminist, and funny. Loved her stories about theater camp, photo shoots, and the Sarah Palin SNL sketches. I'm not a 30 Rock viewer, so that stuff mostly flew over my head. There's no real dirt and gossip here (I really wish there were, because I am nosy) and it isn't laugh-out-loud funny (I smiled a lot, but didn't really laugh), but it was totally pleasurable to spend a few hours listening to Tina Fey tell all the stories in Bossypants.


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