Sunday, January 29, 2006

And Then There Were None (by Agatha Christie)

It's difficult to write about these books; I don't want to give away any crucial plot points or hints! I will say that I finished two Agatha Christie books today, and I found The Murder of Roger Ackroyd to be far better than this one, although both are, of course, quite clever.

(By the way, both books have uncomfortable ribbons of anti-Semitism in them. When reading novels that make casual use of racial slurs, you can tell yourself "it was a less enlightened time" and yet it still makes you squirm. At least that's what I usually feel.) (And... according to a few reviewers on Amazon, the original title of the book, prior to Ten Little Indians, was Ten Little Niggers. Um, it was a less enlightened time?)

As for the book at hand, I felt it was lacking some depth. Lots of ellipses all over the place, lots of surface things going on, but ultimately not as multilayered as Ackroyd, and definitely not as believable. I still thought it was a great twist, though. That Agatha Christie and her twists!


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