Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Kiss Quotient (by Helen Hoang)

The last book I read was one that I thought was part of the Read Harder Challenge, but wasn't. In contrast, this one I didn't realize qualified for the Read Harder Challenge, but it does, in the category of "book by or about someone that identifies as neurodiverse."

This is a romance novel, which is not usually my genre, but it popped up in my library list so I must have heard about it somewhere. It's about a woman who has autism and written by a woman who also has autism.  It's a sort of reverse Pretty Woman storyline: a wealthy Silicon Valley engineer assumes she's bad in bed, and hires a male escort to help her learn how to have sex. He is escorting to pay his mother's medical bills. Romance ensues!

This book is kind of wall-to-wall sex, framed by a cute story. The lead character, Stella, is delightful and you really root for her. If you're into romance, I definitely recommend it.

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