Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Gratitude (by Oliver Sacks)

For the Read Harder challenge to read a book under 100 pages, I took a suggestion from Goodreads to read Gratitude by Oliver Sacks. This is a 48-page collection that includes On the Move (which I had read before, a powerful essay about his terminal cancer diagnosis) and three other essays.

I actually haven't read any of Sacks's longer works, which I know I need to remedy at some point. His essays are tiny gems, and my husband and in-laws are all big fans of his. My favorite essay here was Elemental, a meditation on living, dying, and the chemical elements.  

Gratitude is a slim collection that took me all of a half hour to get through, but these essays are meant to be read, savored, and re-read, and they are lovely.

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