Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Rosie Effect (by Graeme Simsion)

This is my latest gym book, which means I've been parceling it out to myself when I'm exercising. I loved The Rosie Project in particular for its narrator, Don Tillman, who is a somewhat unreliable narrator due to his most likely being somewhere on the autism spectrum. He is so completely delightful and literal and wonderful, and I was so happy to spend time with him for a second book.

Don being overly literal and socially somewhat awkward gets him into a number of sticky situations, some of which made me tense in an uncomfortable way (such as the whole social worker plotline) but others of which are very entertaining. His group of friends -- Dave, George, and Gene, are wonderful and their interactions -- from the beer-storage apartment to Dave the Calf -- are fun. The book's resolution is touching, and is a nice culmination of the rest of the story.

Don's wife, Rosie, comes off significantly less well in this book; as other reviewers have noted, she is not very sympathetic here at all. But Don loves her, so you're rooting for them because you're rooting for Don. But her lack of ability to communicate and meet Don halfway left wondering where they go from here. Hopefully there will be a threequel so I can find out!

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