Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Lost and Found (by Chris Van Hakes)

A novel by Friend of the Show and indie writer Chris Van Hakes, aka Shalini. I stayed up late on vacation to finish it, and it's an extremely satisfying romantic comedy-type read. I could nitpick a few minor things (can't I always) but overall this is great, and absolutely of the quality of any traditionally published novel. She had it professionally edited, commissioned the perfect cover, and overall did a terrific job with it. I loved the feminist notes, the character arc of Delaney, the Darcy-and-Elizabeth-esque flavor of the central relationship, the pacing, the authenticity of the complications in the relationship, etc. etc. If you like this genre, it's $3.99 on Kindle and highly recommended. (I'm looking at you, Marian Keyes fans.) Congrats, S!



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Thank you again!

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